PT. Nadi Marin Subsea continuously make improvements and the development of the performance of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) to give best quality services, prevent work accidents, disease caused by work and ongoing prevention of environmental contamination resulting from the activities of the work and operations of the company.
PT. Nadi Marin Subsea understand that all activities in the work of the project has the potential risks and the impact on employees and the surrounding environment and therefore the direction of the Company is committed to run the management system QHSE in an integrated way so that created the performance superior and produce a work culture that is safe, healthy and eco-friendly.
To realize the achievement of the performance of the QHSE, the leaders of the Company is committed to :
1. Specify performance targets QHSE and systematic and integrated into the planning and business activities of the company to ensure that QHSE always be implemented consistently by the direction of the company, supervisors, employees, contractors and other service provider.
2. Promote the program and the standard QHSE to all employees and contractors and other service providers involved in the business activities of the company.
3. Create a safe and healthy working environment and prevent pollution of the environment as well as to support the conservation of natural resources.
4. Develop professionalism and competency of humanresources to generate reliable powering.
5. Satisfy the customer in terms of customer service and quality products