Powerful things come in small packages


Mojave is the most powerful observation ROV for its size. Compact, ergonomic design and light weight construction allow for rapid set up and deployment using any domestic power supply. With world beating subCAN control & diagnostics system and proven thruster reliability, Mojave sets the standard by which the competition will be judged.

• 300m Depth Rating (1000m Option) • Excellent payload options available
• LED lighting as standard • Graphic User Interface (GUI) Control
• 5 x SPE-75 DC Thrusters • 63Kg Horizontal 26 Kg Vertical Thrust
• 80 – 260V Domestic Input • Choice of Manipulators / Tooling
• Free Swimming or Garage TMS • Auto Heading and Depth
• Auto Position Option • Simple maintenance and operation

Mojave can be supplied with a complete range of specialist tooling / sensor skids for use Offshore or Inshore Oil & Gas, Scientific, Port Security, Military, Civil Engineering and numerous other applications.




Length 1000 mm
Width 600 mm
Height 500 mm
Depth Rating 300 m
Weight in Air 85 Kg
Payload Capacity 12 Kg
Power 3.6kW
Thrusters Horizontal 4 x SPE75 mmØ
Thrusters Vertical 1 x SPE75 mmØ
Bollard Pull (Nominal)
Forward 50 Kgf
Lateral 50 Kgf
Vertical 26 Kgf
Surface Speed (nominal) 3.5Knots

Standard System Equipment
– Camera Tilt Unit with Basic Camera
– LED Lighting
– Depth Transducer
– Recovery Lift Point
– Additional Equipment Connector

Optional Equipment
– Second Camera
– Sonar (various options)
– Altimeter
– CP Probe
– 3 Function Electric Manipulator
– Cleaning Brush
– Acoustic Transponder
– Recovery Beacon and Flasher
– Recovery Bullet & Lock Latch

Auto‐Positioning Features
– Controlled by subCANTM in conjunction with DVL and
– Hands off auto position
– Waypoint following to a predetermined route
– Return to location memory function

Control System
– SubCANTM PC based control system with power management, diagnostics and auto‐position capability

– Windows Based Software
– Graphical status and fault locator
– Real‐time Optical Multiplexer, video condition and fault monitoring
– User preset positioning of Camera tilt unit

– 2 x Real‐time PAL & NTSC video channels
– Spare customer digital and analogue I/O’s dependent on requirements and equipment fitted.
– Ethernet/RS232 option

Additional System options
– Electric or Manual Winch
– Control Cabin
– Certified/Zone rated Winch/Cabin
– SubCANTM Integrated Pilot Chair
– Graphics/Vision/Sonar monitors
– Video Overlay/Switching/Recording
– Workskids (Tooling, Survey etc)
– Bespoke systems to customer requirements


The specification details are illustrative for marketing purposes only. Actual equipment may be different as a result of product improvement or other reasons.
Specific interface and performance information should be reconfirmed at time of order placement.


Digital Stills and Recorded HD
12.3MPixel stills and 1080p video recorded to internal memory. Live HD over
Component or HD-SDI Coax or Fiber. Standard definition over Composite.


With the option for Integrated Flash and Lasers, HD-SDI output, External Strobe and External Trigger, many features are combined that were not previously available to this market. An industry proven design with many possibilities.


Sensor: Back-illuminated CMOS
Max Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080p
Still Resolution: 4672 × 2628
Video Output: Component HD, Composite, or HD-SDI (optional)
Sensitivity: 3Lux (HD)
Zoom: 10x Optical
Focus: Auto / Manual
Memory: 64GB (upgradable to 128GB)
Control: RS232 or RS485


Diameter: 88mm
Length w/o Connector: 200mm
Weight: 2.9kg in water
Depth Rating: 250, 1000, 3000 or 6500m
View Angle In Water: 60° (flat viewport)
Housing: Acetyl, Stainless Steel, Titanium
Window: Sapphire
Connector: 5506-1508 or MC-BH-8-M
HD Connector: 1Coax/6Elec or Fiber
Power: 12-32 Vdc / 3.2W



HLK-43000 5 Function Mini Gauntlet Manipulator:

The HLK-43000 5 Function Mini Manipulator is unique in that it has no aluminium parts. The construction of plastic and stainless steel has kept the arm rugged and tough with the capability of lifting 10Kg at full reach, yet retaining a very light weight in water. The unique 5 function arrangement gives excellent dexterity for a small arm andenhances the operational capability of the new range of smaller ROV’s.


Dimensions Length of arm 553mm
Length of slew plate 210mm
Height 97mm
Width 232mm
Capacities Rotate 180º
Torque at 80 bar 8Nm
Lift capacity at 80 bar 10Kg
Weight Weight in air 5Kg
Weight in water 3Kg
Construction 316 Stainless Steel Jaws
High Density Polyethylene


Super SeaKing DST

Dual Frequency Digital CHIRP Sonar


Advanced CHIRP signal processing for clear and high resolution imagery The Super SeaKing DST is a digital CHIRP dual frequency sonar capable of operating at 325kHz or 675kHz. When operating at 325kHz the sonar has a true operational range of 300m. Switching to 675kHz, the same sensor is capable of providing a high definition image at shorter range.

The very latest in composite transducer and CHIRP technology has been used to
produce the advanced Super SeaKing Dual Frequency CHIRP Sonar. It delivers the clearest images available, at operating ranges previously unobtainable.
CHIRP technology dramatically improves the range resolution compared with conventional sonars. Resolution can be improved by a factor of five times.
The Super SeaKing DST shares many of the features of the earlier SeaKing, which has been chosen as the standard obstacle avoidance sonar in many of the professional ROV fleets around the world. In addition, a modular transducer design and longer life slip ring assembly have been introduced to minimise the consequences of operational damage and to further improve upon the SeaKing’s already excellent reliability.



– Reliable, robust, proven design
– Two operating frequencies
– Easy integration
– Tuneable frequency ranges


– Digital CHIRP system
– Composite material transducer
– 4000 or 6800m depth rating
– Various connector options
– RS232, RS485 and ARCNET


– ROV/AUV obstacle avoidance
– Target recognition
– Harbour surveillance
– Port security

MicronNav System

USBL Navigation and Positioning



– Quick and easy to mobilise
– Lightweight compact transponder
– Works with any standard computer
– Seamless integration into Seanet Pro


– Integrated motion sensor
– Connect via AUX port of Micron sonar
– Low power consumption


– Mini ROV navigation
– Diver tracking system
– AUV tracking
– ROV location beacon

USBL tracking for small vehicles

The MicronNav system is an innovative Ultra- Short Base Line (USBL) positioning system designed for small vehicles. It has been primarily designed to be used in conjunction with the Tritech Micron sonar and other products in the Micron range but will also adapt well to other sonars such as those from the SeaKing range.

The system comprises a subsea MicronNav Transponder/Responder, a surface USBL transducer with integral magnetic compass and pitch/roll sensors, a surface MicronNav 100 interface hub and operating software under control of a host PC/laptop. The MicronNav uses the very latest in spread spectrum acoustic technology.

This provides a robust method for communication between the dunking transducers and the vehicle responder/ transponder. The USBL transducer can provide 180 degree hemispherical coverage below the transducer, which allows vehicle tracking in very shallow water. Omni directional coverage is provided by the MicronNav ROV Transponder/Responder. The MicronNav “Transponder” is a stand-alone device which responds to acoustic interrogation from the USBL head. The MicronNav “Responder” is powered and interrogated by the MicronNav through the auxiliary port on the Tritech Micron sonar (either RS232 or RS485).